LED Bulb Prices Drop the Most in Germany Last Month

LED bulb prices over the past quarter, with price declines most markedly in the German market for both 40W and 60W equiv. LED bulbs last month.Prices for 60W equiv. LED bulb have dropped more than 40W equiv. LED bulbs in September. Bulb price upticks have only been reported in the U.S. market last month, according to a recent global bulb price survey by LEDinside, a research subsidiary of Taipei-based market intelligence firm TrendForce.

The 40W equiv. LED bulb prices have dropped 1.8%, while 60W equiv. LED bulb prices were down 6.3% during the same period, said LEDinside.

Global 40W equivalent LED bulbs ASP dropped 0.6 percent in September to US $ 14.1. Bulb prices fell the most in Germany, having dropped 13.1% in September as existing bulb product prices dwindled. Prices also slid 3.4 percent in the UK market last month, as prices for some products steadily declined. The Philips 8W LED bulb for instance was down 4% to US $27.2 in UK, and some low-priced have reentered the market.