Smart LED Lamp Comes with Radar Device to Monitor Elderly People

Union Tool Co, a cutting tool manufacturer based in Japan, will release a system that monitors an elderly person, etc by using an LED lamp equipped with a laser device in September 2015.

The system, "Laser Light," can instantaneously detect abnormalities such as a tumble of the object person and monitor the state of breathing or sleeping by measuring the distance between the LED lamp attached to a ceiling and the object person. Different from monitoring systems equipped with a camera or biosensor, the new system can eliminate the discomfort and tension that are often caused by the feeling of "being watched" or "wearing a device."



A milliwave (24GHz) radar device and a wireless LAN chip are embedded in a lighting apparatus. And the system measures the distance between the lamp attached to the ceiling and the head of an elderly person, etc by analyzing the reflected light of the radar device and transmits the results to a server via a wireless LAN.

The milliwave radar device can detect an object up to 8m away from it in the front direction. With an angle of 160° from the front direction, the device can detect an object up to 4m away from it. If the device is attached to a ceiling that is about 3m high, it covers an area equivalent to eight tatami mats (approx 13.2m2) and can detect multiple people in the area, CQ-S Net said.


The Laser Light can not only detect abnormalities such as a tumble of the object person but also measure vital data such as the state of breathing and the depth of sleep by using the infinitesimal displacement measurement function of the milliwave radar device.



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