Rohinni Prints Ultra-Thin LED Lights

Rohinni, an Idaho-based company is introducing the world’s thinnest LED lighting, the Lightpaper. Lightpaper is billed as an innovative way to print lighting and apply it to any surface, in any shape and for any situation.

According to a Fast Company report, Rohinni is using ink and small LED lights to print “red blood cell” sized diodes onto a conductive layer. The diodes are randomly dispersed onto the material, and light up when connected to an electronic current, said the company’s Chief Executive Officer Nick Smoot.

A potential application for the paper thin LED is printing illuminating lampshades that would not require additional light sources or bulbs, Smoot said. It could become a very common technology in the future that people would eventually be able to print and design their own lights.

Other potential applications the company illustrated on its website included illuminating logos on mobile phones, lighting installations on walls, smart watches and wristband notifications.

A few lighting companies are already working on Lightpaper applications that could hit the markets by mid-2015, but Smoot declined to disclose details about the companies involved.




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