LED High Bay Light, What you MUST KNOW of Thermally Conductive Compound?

For Produce LED High Bay Light, That need use Thermally Conductive Compound.

You may know this,

But Do you know What’s the Brand of that from your current supplier?

And What’s the Thermal Conductivity Data of that?


Thermally Conductive Compound is used in the back of MCPCB (Aluminum Board),for Dissipate the heat from the LEDS to Heatsink. Most LED High Bay Light are >100W. And can imagine if this is not ok, What will happen?…..


There have a report, the Problems on LED High Bay Light, 90% is on LEDS. some LEDS are CREE, Bridgelux, But still have problem. Why? As many manufactures don’t pay attention on this small material.


We apply Thermally Conductive Compound from Dow Corning. It’s TC-5351 on LED High Bay Light, Approved by CITIZEN and NICHIA. The Thermal Conductivity can reach 3.3 W/mK(Truthful data), Cooling effect is excellent, which make our LED High Bay Light work better, stable, and extend the lifetime.


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Remark: Dow Corning: One of the Global 500 companies,

For Spec of TC-5351, Can check on www.dowcorning.com