Learning How to Play the Piano with LED Keyboards

Traditional methods of learning to play an instrument can be frustrating for beginners, especially when it comes to memorizing instrument key position and music scores.

A U.S. company Opho is trying to lower the learning curve for piano players with, Keys, an interactive LED keyboard.


Paired up with a smartphone through magnetically actuated wireless system and App, the keyboard lights up in different colors to guide users through music scores, indicating which keys to press. Motion gestures also enable users to lower or raise an octave, and can even be used by DJs to program sound effects for their own track.


The LED keyboard can also be gesture controlled, which professional musicians and DJs can program for live performances.

The LED keyboard works on both iOS and Android systems. Adding additional keyboards is a relatively straightforward process, as the magnetically actuated wireless system does not require further settings or programming. Users can just attach another keyboard on.

Ophos has not revealed the specs of the LEDs used for this product, aside for the fact it uses RGB LEDs, according to a TechCrunch review of the product.


The company had previously launched a similar instrument learning system for guitars, which was titled Gtar.







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