How to choose Lamp for Factory?

Factory include the Workshop,Wharehouse,Meeting room,Office,Outside Parking and Loading areas...Etc

Factory lighting design must consider the operation enviorenment. and Ensure comfortable and secure of Workers ,to  improve the work effeciency and product quality.
so need use high effeciency lighting product,and improve the lighting performance, reduce the energy consumption by Intelligent control technology(Such as Dimmalbe,Light Sense.

Here C&G LED LIGHTING give you suggestions as follow:

1.Workshop: there's high,middle and low platfond depend on the different height;

A.Middle and high Platfond:
Such as Workshop with big machine,vehicle & boat manufacturer,printing factory...Etc, The height of Ceiling is 8m to 20m,even higher,This need to use LED High Bay Light with High Lumens and high efficacy. Installation Guide as Follow;


This draft just for reference,it should be adjusted by the actual demand (installation density).

B. Low Platfond: Most of the low platfond workshop include some small production lines or assembly lines,we can use the LED tube and LED Panel light.
If the installation height is 2-4m,T8 or T5 LED Tube with Integrated design (Fixture together) is the better solution.Easy for installation.

2.Warehouse: normally Lux requirement of warehouse not as higher as workshop,the 50-150W LED high bay light is enough.

3. Office & Meeting room: it's better to choice the LED Panel & led downlight.

4.Outside: It can use 10-80W led flood light.Gerenally it no need to install it on the top,but on the wall with 5-8m height.It's Convenient for workers over work,come and leave safety in the evening.

Remark: We focus on LED Lighting, and our products include T8 LED Tube Light, LED Panel Light, LED Track Light, LED High bay Light, LED Emergency Lighting,  etc.
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