Hikaru Skirt Illuminates Girls Thighs

Contemporary Japanese fashion can often tread the thin line of art and fetishism, as seen with this new Hikaru skirt (“light skirt”) designed by Kiyoyuki Amano.


Bright LEDs embedded in the skirt light up a girls thighs, particularly the “absolute territory” (zettai ryouiki), a term used by Japanese to refer to the exposed skin area between the top of knee high socks and hemline of a skirt,


Gyro sensors attached to the skirt enables the skirt to change a variety of colors and patterns in accordance to the users’ movements, according to Tokyo Girl’s Update report.

The “absolute territory” is especially sexually appealing to a group of Japanese men known as otakus that are defined by their obsessive interest in anime or manga fandom and social recluse, according to a UDN report.

Amano, who designed a similar prototype skirt that can be used as a fashion or cosplay item last year, received massive funding from otakus to release the Hikaru skirt, the report added.



The skirt is expected to be mass produced this year, but further details about the skirts pricing or LEDs used are currently unavailable.






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