Dubai Companies Aims to Provide City Wide VLC Coverage

Several Dubai-based Visual Light Communication (VLC) companies are working with the aim of making this Middle East city the first in the world to offer Li-Fi coverage, reported Khaleej Times.

Companies working to realize this vision include telco Du and its Li-Fi partner Zero. 1.

The companies will be demonstrating Li-Fi in real-time during Gitex Technology Week 2016.

"We are committed to establishing the UAE as the birth place of city-wide tangible and usable Li-Fi applications, and for it to be recognized as a regional and global hub for the early adoption of Li-Fi technology," said Mark Fleschen, Chief Executive Officer, Zero.1.

Visitors of Gitex will be able to experience Li-Fi which uses LEDs to transmit data over a frequency that is invisible to the naked eye, using Light Fidelity.

It works on a similar concept as Wi-Fi but without emitting radio frequency and other radiation.

Gitex visitors had the opportunity to experience Li-Fi; this future technology is a visible light communication system that uses light from light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a medium to deliver network, mobile and high-speed communication in a similar manner as Wi-Fi but with clear line of site.

And yes, it's the common household LED light bulbs (no special LEDs required) to transmit wireless communications at very high speeds via Li-Fi, or Light Fidelity.

It is estimated demands for wireless data traffic will exhaust radio frequency spectrum by 2025, and light waves offer a broader spectrum for seamless communication in smart cities.