FAQs-LED Panel Lights, LED Light Panel, LED Flat Panel

1.What is an LED Panel Light?

An LED Panel Light is a flat sheet of lighting source with light generated by edge-lit

power LEDs and distributed evenly over the entire panel through the light distribution

mechanism built on the panel.


2. Why LED Panel Lights are preferred?

LED lighting is a new technology and is developed to gradually replace traditional

incandescent lamps and fluorescent tubes for indoor lighting as well as the traditional

fluorescent light Grilles used in promotional displays and signs. The main reason for

this is because LED lights saves energy, lasts long, and LED Panel Lights are much

more compact and thus easier to handle than the traditional fluorescent light Grilles.

For example,an 22¡±x28¡± LED Panel Light is rated at only 20-22 Watts as compared

with 100-200 Watts for the same size of fluorescent light Grilles while

generating approximately the same brightness.


3. What are unique about LED Panel Lights?

You may have seen similar but cheaper products from our competitors, but our light

panels are different in many ways. First of all, we chose high performance optic

acrylic sheets (most used in LCD displays) as our light distribution panel materials

while our competitors use regular decorative acrylic sheets. We have patented and

CNC directly machined grids on the back of the panel, while our competitors

have paper grids or grids imprinted on sheets. We have CNC machined grooves to

housing LED lights (patented) while our competitors mount LEDs to the edge of the

sheets. We apply world brightest LEDs as our light source while our competitors

use regular LED lights. We have heat sink installed on the back of the panel to

dissipate heat from LEDs, while our competitors do not have this feature at all. As a

result of all these technologies and innovative design, our LED Panel Lights are much

brighter, much more reliable, much easier to handle and last longer than other

products on the market. You are always encouraged to buy a sample from us to


4. What sizes of LED Panel Lights do we supply?

LED Panel Lights can be cut to any size with 48¡± by 96¡± being the largest.


5. What is the thickness of the LED Panel Lights?

The standard thickness of LED Panel Lights is 8mm. But we also have 4mm LED light

panels available. In general, the thicker the brighter the panel is. So the 4mm LED

light panels are not recommended for large size panels (larger than 18¡±x24¡±).


6. What is the make of the LEDs you are using?

The LED lights used in our LED Panel Lights are manufactured by Taiwan LEDs and SAMSUNG LED.


7. How many Watts are your LED Panel Lights?

It depends on the panel size. Usually the LED lights are installed on the two longer

sides of the panel. For example, LED lights are installed on the 28¡± sides (both

sides) for a 22¡±x28¡± panel. The distance between the two adjacent LED lights is

15mm by default. So a total of about 90 LED lights will be installed. Each LED is

rated 0.25W, so the total power consumption of a 22¡±x28¡± panel is 23W.


8. Can you install LED lights on the 4 sides of a panel?

Yes. We can install LED lights on 4 sides on special request.


9. What is the weight of LED Panel Lights?

Details pls see our price list.


10. What kind of power supply does LED Panel Lights require?

LED Panel Lights require 12V~24V DC power supply, which comes

with the light panels ordered. The input to the power supply is 85VAC- 265VAC


11. Are LED Panel Lights UL/CSA approved?

The power supplies (AC-DC adaptors) are CE, UL, SAA, GS, cUL approved


12. Are your LED Panel Lights water-proof?

We can make the LED Panel Lights water-proof on special request. If not specified,

they are not water-proof. Water-proof versions are more expensive than the regular

light panels. Care must be taken when installing water-proof LED Panel Lights


13. How bright are your LED Panel Lights?

It depends on the panel sizes and how many LEDs have been installed. For example,

the regular 22¡±x28¡± light panel is as bright as 2,000-25,00 Lux over the entire

surface. But a smaller panel (like 8.5¡±x11¡±) can be 3,500 Lux or more. Usually the

wider the panel is, the less brighter it is. For applications where brightness is a key

issue, please consult us. We will do our best to meet the brightness requirements


14. What is the lifetime of LED Panel Lights?

The life time of LED Panel Lights is determined by the life time of the LED lights

installed which are rated at 70,000-100,000 hours under rated temperature (less

than 60 degrees), or 16-22 years if lit up for 12hours a day. It should be noted,

however, that the actual life time of LEDs depends on the ambient temperature. LED

light panels are installed with aluminum heat sinks to dissipate heat generated by

LEDs to maintain a lower working temperature, which greatly extends lifetime of the

light panels, try to keep the aluminum heat sinks in contact with other metal plates, if

possible, to further dissipate heat.


15. Can I order an LED Panel Light with shapes other than rectangle?

Yes. We accept orders of non-rectangle shape LED Panel Lights

16. What are the major successful applications of LED Panel Lights?

LED Panel Lights have been successfully used as indoor lighting in office buildings,

hotels, conference centres, shopping centres etc. in construction industry;

-- illuminated direction signs, parking signs in underground parking, airports, shopping malls;

-- illuminated backlight for ATM machines and various vending machines;

-- backlit posters in retail stores, banks, and subways etc.;

-- restaurant menu boards;

There are so many applications only limited by your imagination because of the

features of free maintenance, long lifetime, and energy saving


17. What is the warranty of LED Panel Lights?


The standard warranty of LED Panel Lights is FIVE years on parts. Warranty Details pls see our Warranty Policy.