LM-80 Key Point

LM 80 is the approved method for measuring lumen maintenance of LED light sources under controlled conditions while tightly manage case temperature. LM 80 was published by the IESNA Solid State Subcommittee to create reliable and uniform test methods among laboratories for Energy Star Compliancy. This LM80 standard is accepted worldwide with slight variations in different countries. The data resulting from the LM-80 measurements are matrices of lumen maintenance values. LED manufacturers use this data in combination with their UL in-situ thermal testing to predict the lumen maintenance of the LED fixtures themselves.

To be Energy Star Compliant, LED's must have:

  • At least 6,000 hours of testing at temperature per the LM 80 Specifications
  • Vektrex's SpikeSafe-based LM-80 system easily meets the requirements in an off the shelf system

LM-80 Long Term Operation

  • Minimum Test Duration 6,000 hours
  • Three case temperatures 55C, 85C, manufacturer selected with Tolerance of -2C

Case and Ambient Temperature Measurement

  • Case temperature tolerance of - 2C
  • Ambient within -5C of case temperature
  • Thermoscope required; accuracy <=1.1C or .4%

Drive Voltage

  • DC only; ripple <= 2% of output voltage
  • Input voltage conforms to rated input voltage and driver frequency

Drive Current

  • Input current +/-3% of rated RMS