iPhone 5S to Come with a Dual LED Flash Lamp

iPhone 5S to Come with a Dual LED Flash Lamp


Recently, photos of iPhone 5S's front panel and motherboard have been exposed, and now foreign media expose two photos of iPhone 5S prototype, the photos show that the components and line connections on the motherboard of iPhone 5S is very similar to the mohterboard pictures previously exposed, and the oval shaped LED flash lamp is similar to iPhone 5S sketch a few days ago revealed.

Allegedly this oval is formed with dual LED flash lamps we have heard in last year. Some say that one of the LED flash lamps is slightly blue and the other is normal, the purpose of this design is to optimize the white balance when taking pictures, but it is still unable to distinguish the two. There is not other change in the back of iPhone 5S in addition to that.



Taking a look at the inside of iPhone 5S, its battery power specification is 5.95 watts, which is greater than 5.45 watts of iPhone 5. From the photo, the processor specification is not indicated so that we cannot know whether it adopts brand new A7 chips or other chips.

It is rumored that iPhone 5S will be released with the cheap iPhone in this fall at the same time. Both devices will be installed with 4-inch screen and pre-installed with iOS 7 operating system. However, the cheap iPhone may use thicker plastic shell, but the high-priced iPhone 5S will use the same aluminum metal case with iPhone 5.





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