Australian SAA safety certificate


Australian SAA safety certificate


Australian standards bodies, Standards Association of Australian, so a lot of friends Australia certification known as the SAA certification. In fact SAA only standard-setting bodies, rather than issue product certification. SAA and later changed its name to: Standards Australia Limited. SAA is an independent company, there is no direct relationship with the government, but federal and state governments, is it one of the members. SAA and the Australian Federal Government signed a memorandum of SAA is the highest organization of the Australian non-governmental standards organizations. The memorandum also pointed out that the development of standards to be consistent with WTO requirements. Therefore, there is an agreement that when appropriate international standards already exist, they do not develop a new Australian Standard. Australian Standard "AS" in the beginning, Australia and New Zealand standard AS / NZS at the beginning. Australian Standards and the New Zealand standard is basically consistent with the IEC, while there are some national differences. Australia and New Zealand to implement the harmonization of standards and mutual recognition of certification, as long as the product to obtain a national certification can be in another country sales.

SAA is the electrical products into the Australian market must comply with local safety regulations, that is the industry are often faced with certification. Mutual recognition agreements in Australia and New Zealand, all made of Australian certified products can smoothly enter the New Zealand market. All electrical products are to do the safety certification (SAA). The SAA logo, a form of recognition, a standard flag. The form of certification is the only sample responsible for the standard flag is required for each inspection of the factory. Domestic applications, SAA certification in two ways, one by CB test report, if there is no CB test report, you can apply directly. There is no uniform safety certification mark in Australia, each state or region has the form of legislation provides for the management of electrical products. Although the name and the promulgation of the date is different, each State or Territory legislation on electrical safety is basically the same.
Electrical products are divided into a control class Electrical (prescribed product) and non-control products (Non-prescribed product).

Control of the class of electrical products, including electric equipment, refrigeration equipment, power tools, parts, etc. AS/NZS4417.2 divided. The directory is published in the Government Gazette, and increase according to the actual situation. Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, the most active in the certification process. Queensland, for example, the power law (the electricity Act 1994) announced the detailed provisions of the electrical certification, sale and use.


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