LED to Support Wireless Broadband Communication

LED to Support Wireless Broadband Communication


A computer can conduct smooth network broadband connection under the condition that it is irradiated LED light, in the absence of network cable and built-in wireless port. The mystery of completing web browsing, video playback, and many other network functions lies in LED lights on the roof. According to experts, China Unicom network signal is transmitted to the computer through LED light. The maximum transfer rate measured in this way can reach 2 MW per second.

In fact, technological breakthroughs have emerged in endlessly since the advent of LED concept. LED lights can also play the role of commander for appliances. Experts introduced that LED lighting has been able to control the switches and adjustment of a variety of appliances through certain techniques. LED lamp differs from conventional lighting device, it is not only energy saving, but also it can emit modulation signal to complete the transmission of information and commands through high-speed switching operation. The highest switching speed is up to 200 million times per Second, so frequent switching operation does not affect the normal lighting. In addition, it will not have an impact on the human body, because the human eye cannot see such a fast frequency changes.

LED Wireless Communication Technology Becomes the New Direction of Scientific and Technological Development

People have been enjoying the convenient services brought by wireless networks, meanwhile, people are also worried about the radiation will take adverse effects on the human body, and using environmentally friendly LED lighting to suffer Internet can completely eliminates this concern. Currently, suffering Internet through LED lighting is just one potential way. But its special way of information transmission will be able to access more than 1G per second speed in the future. It is understood that LED lighting not only has huge potential in the intelligent lighting, both home and abroad have also started focusing on the further development of LED wireless communication technology, which will become a new direction for future technology development.




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