Three Steps to Purchase Ideal LED Luminaire with Ease

Three Steps to Purchase Ideal LED Luminaire with Ease


Quality of LED bulbs on the market varies greatly, the unqualified LED bulbs ordinary consumers bought will be easily broken and lack luster over time, in order to purchase qualified products, consumers must check the certification logo at first.

Essential Safety Certification

Consumers must choose the LED products in line with national standards and coming with safety certification, such as CCC, CE, and GS. "These products provide powerful guaranty of safety, performance and design", "these logos generally appear on the packaging or presentation of product", There is a mandatory national standard, consumers can check whether it is indicated on the packaging or not.

Selecting Fixtures in Accordance with Environment

Secondly, consumers must consider the light quality of LED products, the best color rendering index Ra is 80-85 or more. It is also important to select the appropriate color temperature in accordance with service environment. According to introduction, LED's color temperature at 2700K-4000K is defined as warm white, 4000K-5000K is natural white, 5000K-6700K is white, warm white and natural white provide people with warm and cozy feeling, suitable for the application in hotels, Hotel and bedroom. While the white offers people a feeling of cool and refreshing, which mainly used for the application in office and living room.

Focusing More on Lamp Chip

Some LED bulbs have more than one dot to emit light, while others are relying on several pieces to emit light. Salesperson said that the more points, the better the quality, the brighter the light. But it is just the problem that LED technology is presented in different forms, there are many different forms of LED technology up to now, it is not wise to judge the light quality only based on the LED light points.

Also introduce that the stronger antistatic ability, the longer service life of LED, so it would be better to purchase the LED products with antistatic ability more than 700V. LED bulbs with big chip are better than the LED products with small chip, but the price is proportional with the size of the chip.




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