LED Lights to be Intelligentized with Radar Microwave Technique, Energy Efficient Starts with 'Lighting on Demand'

LED Lights to be Intelligentized with Radar Microwave Technique


"Energy conservation must start from 'lighting on demand', especially in the public construction sectors, such as underground garage, corridors, and stairwells. There is a big difference between effective lighting time and actual lighting time in these sectors, with radar microwave technique, the intelligent LED lights can play the dimming effect that 'to light up when people is coming and to be dim when people is away', not only can it provide lighting, but also achieves a good energy saving effect.”, Shukui Bing, vice president of China Illuminating Engineering Society said on the promotion meeting of energy-saving technology applied in public buildings.

"Promotion meeting of energy-saving technology applied in public buildings" was sponsored by Beijing Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Center, belonging to the subproject of "China to phase out incandescent light, accelerating the promotion of energy-saving lamp project" launched by NDRC(National Development and Reform Commission) and UNDP.

According to reports, in addition to lower energy consumption, no pollution, no mercury, no flicker, long life and other advantages, strong controllability is the distinctive feature that makes LED lamps differ from the traditional lamps. Thus it can be tightly integrated with the "lighting on demand" concept; it has played excellent energy-saving effect in the promotion and application in public buildings, with strong competitiveness. Department of Education of Hebei Province has conducted energy-saving reform for public areas in its office buildings, replacing straight fluorescent lamps, grille lamps with 661 units of LED intelligent lights. According to the tracking monitoring conducted by Hebei Energy Conservation Supervision and Monitoring Center, energy saving rate is up to 90.3%, an annual saving of 127,600 kwh, the annual electricity savings of 108500 Yuan, equivalent to annual savings in standard coal of 42.5 tons, a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 127.3 tons, and the project payback period is two years.











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