LED Moon Cakes Brighten Up Moon Festival

LED Moon Cakes Brighten Up Moon Festival


Most people become very home sick during holiday season, and for ethnic Chinese Moon Festival is a time that aggravates such longings, as it is usually a time for family reunions. As the traditional Chinese moon festival approaches, many products are combining modern technology with festival traditions, including LED moon cake lights below. These perfectly shaped “moon cakes” that resemble an exact replica of its edible cousin emit a gentle jade-like glow.



Designer Weis integrated the traditional Chinese moon cakes with LED lighting technology. The LED moon cake’s special lighting method emits a delicately faint aroma, which gives it both functionality and artistic quality.



These exquisite moon cake lights have a very realistic appearance, beautiful lighting, and can easily attract attention when used for home decorative lighting or in bars.



Happy Mid-autumn festival to C&G family!