LED lighting industry has serious polarization, Guangdong LED small and medium enterprises sad day

LED lighting industry has serious polarization, Guangdong LED small and medium enterprises sad day


"Daily economic news (micro-blog)" the reporter understands, ten party legal representative Deng Junguo has photoelectric days not appeared in public, the company has been in a state of production.

August 19th, Shenzhen Guangming New District Gongming labor management office staff, in Shenzhen the ten photoelectric Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the ten party photoelectric) wage workers and busy. The Gongming labor management office announcement shows, the ten party has more than 200 employees wage arrears photoelectric for up to two months.

In this regard, high LED Research Institute president Zhang Xiaofei expresses to the reporter, the trend of polarization of the LED industry is more and more obvious, in the shuffling process, small and medium enterprises increasingly sad day.

Since July, many companies go out of business

In July 14th, Gongming labor management office issued the notice says, ten photoelectric arrears of 220 employees from June 1, 2013 to July 31, 2013 salary, ten photoelectric legal representative Deng Junguo has not come forward to cooperate with relevant government departments to coordinate, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, if Deng Junguo in the notice issued within 3 working days is not related to the Gongming labor management office contact personnel, and immediately back to the company on-site processing default employee wages and other matters, will be investigated for legal responsibility.

Data of ten party photo website shows, the company uses LED devices, LED electronic display screen and LED application products for the main business. Has more than 1 meters of the plant modernization, and research and development base, equipped with advanced production equipment, detection, analysis. This is since July this year, following Zhongshan xiongji lighting factory, Zhongshan Shihao epitaxial factory, Shenzhen billion light science and technology limited company goes out of business, and a small LED company production.

14 days have passed, yesterday's Gongming labor management office staff told the "daily economic news" reporter said, Deng Junguo still didn't show up, "the preliminary confirmation has run away".

The small and medium-sized enterprise survival difficult

In March this year, LED market began to pick up, enterprises that orders significantly increased, increased sales, and predict the LED outbreak period has come to.

For these LED small and medium-sized companies in bankruptcy, long-term work in the LED industry Shenzhen ruiwang semiconductor limited company manager Li Weiyi does not feel strange. He told the "daily economic news" reporter said, the market suffers the overdraft is the direct cause of the collapse of these enterprises.

In addition to capacity expansion and overdraft market, Zhang Xiaofei to the "daily economic news" reporter said, the deeper reason is that with growing competition, the market has entered the stage of LED polarization, large enterprises bigger and bigger, and the survival of small and medium enterprises increasingly difficult.

In the optimistic expectations, many LED companies began increasing expansion. "The year of March to May is the most busy time, according to the performance of the market, many enterprises begin to blind expansion." Livy said, in this context, some enterprises to complete the excess capacity, the second half of the market completely overdrawn.

"Small and medium-sized enterprise funds chain is very tense, and do not have their own channels, some of the big companies make profits down to small and medium enterprises unable to fight back room, the small and medium enterprises increasingly sad day." Zhang Xiaofei said.

"Daily economic news" reporter to consult the relevant business data, the registered capital of just stop the ten Party A only 1000000 yuan, in the LED industry, only small and medium enterprises.

Zhang Xiaofei finally to the "daily economic news" reporter pointed out, at present the whole industry, reshuffle efforts has been more and more big, the next will be the big business orders constantly, then away a number of small enterprises.




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