Dali dimmable LED panel

Dali dimmable LED panel

DALI is an International Standard (IEC 62386) for the control of electronic ballasts, transformers, LED’s, emergency lights and exit signs in an easy to manage digital lighting control system.

DALI provides benefits for:
Designers & ConsultantsInstallers & Electrical ContractorsSystem IntegratorsBuilding Occupants & TenantsFacility ManagersBuilding Owners

A DALI network consists of a controller and one or more lighting devices (e.g., electrical ballasts and dimmers) that have DALI interfaces. The controller can monitor and control each light by means of a bi-directional data exchange. The DALI protocol permits devices to be individually addressed and it also incorporates Group and Scene broadcast messages to simultaneously address multiple devices.


DALI is a dedicated protocol purely for lighting control. This means that DALI cannot be used to control other systems such as BMS.

However, DALI is effective for scene selection and for getting feedback regarding faulty light sources. This makes it very useful to use together with building automation systems where remote supervising and service reports are required.



Individual control of fittings: each unit in the DALI network has it´s own individual address, therefore it is possible to communicate directly to the components in the fittings
Multichannelling use: through only one pair of control cable it is possible with DALI to control several different groups of fittings
No mains switching needed: the lights can be switched off by commands comming directly from the DALI control system making the mains switch unnecessary
Backchannelling: the information flow is bidirectional with the DALI system. Instead of only giving commands about the light level to the fitting DALI system enables also information feedback on the condition of the fittings. the fitting can transmit information about
whether the light is switched on or off,
the preset light level
the ballast condition
simple DALI wiring: the cabling consists of a simple two wire cable, independent of any building topology between the units in the system
Easy system re-configuration: once the system is installed and configured it is very easy to change the functioning of the system, changing of scenes and functions of lighting is only a matter of programming and needs no hardware changes anymore
easy to add new components: when the lighting system needs to be enlargened new components can be added anywhere in the DALI system, no wiring configuration rules apply on the DALI line in this aspect.





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