Mid-Power LEDs VOP Surpass High-Power

Mid-Power LEDs VOP Surpass High-Power


With the LED lighting market soaring and backlight products increased incorporation of mid-powered LEDs, it is unsurprising that mid-power LEDs were most popular in 2013. Mid-power LEDs production value in 2013 surpassed that of high-powered LEDs for the first time according to projections from global market research organization LEDinside. Mid-power LED package specifications 5630, 3030, and 2835 continually adopted by manufacturers, steady stream of new products released and product prices are expected to continue drop followed by an increase in supply.

Following consecutive price drops, LED lighting demands rapid increase has put manufactures under cost control pressures. High cost performance ratio for mid-powered LEDs have become the main standard in the market. After the release of the 5630 spec mid-power LED, light manufacturers have widely favored the specifications with many applying it in backlight products. Korean manufacturers have already begun launching second generation 5640 products with high voltage features.

Following 5630 LED market success, Japanese manufacturer Nichia’s 3030 LED has also triggered explosive market demands. The company’s highlighted 0.5w and 0.9w 3030 is overall the most competitive on the market, as the LEDs have better performance and advantages in pricing. LED manufacturers including Korean packaging manufacturers Seoul Semiconductors and vertically integrated Taiwanese manufacturer Lextar have both launched 3030 standard package products.

Chinese manufacturers are catching on the popular mid-power LED trend. Many manufacturers are also manufacturing high voltage 2835 LEDs that can be applied in lighting and backlight market, has also taken many manufacturers. Korean manufacturers are also taking advantage of the trend by launching 3528 package.