New, LED Street Light, CG-LD4A-150W

Products Name

New Economy LED Street Light



Basic Data

General Characteristics
  • Cap-Base:

Configurable Pccooler street lamp adapter

  • Led Brand:
Philips / Cree
  • LED Driver:
  • Average Lifetime:
  • Certificate:
  • Warranty:
3 Years

Light Technical Characteristics

  • Colour Designation:
Warm White, Nature White, Cool White
  • Colour Temperature:

2000K~ 6500K Or Customer Designated.

  • Colour Rendering Index:
  • Luminous Flux:
100-120 LM/W
  • Luminous Intensity:
  • Beam Angle:

120 ° Angle adjustable

Electrical Characteristics
  • Wattage:
  • Voltage:
  • Line Frequenc:
  • Power Factor:
  • Lamp Current:
  • Dimmable:
Product Dimensions
  • Dimensions:
  • Cut-out:
Package info
  • Qty/Carton:
SKD Package
  • Gross Weight:
  • Size of Carton:

Note: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.Any requirement,Pls contact us for latest Data.




1. Ultra-thin LED street lamp kit, with high thermal conductivity AL6060 body, end die-casting one forming;

2. Unique waterproof structure design, breaking the traditional way of waterproof cable connection, safe and reliable;

3. Patent heat dissipation technology to control LED working temperature,which can extend the luminous efficacy and life span,Self purification function design of radiator.

4. High strength tempered glass,High transmittance,high structural strength and fatigue resistance.

5. Patent light distribution system,ergonomic design principles,at the same time to meet the good uniformity of illuminance and glare requirements.

6. Stylish structure,ultra-small cross-section, higher wind resistance;

7. Simple structure, convenient assembly, packaging, high transport utilization;






Ideal Replacement for HPS and HID; Mainly for Road lighting;


The basic situation of the project are as follows:

(1)The total length of the road the whole plant: about 9km.
(2)Road width: 9m.
(3)Street light pole height: 8m.
(4)Street pick arm length: arm 1m.
(5)Street maximum spacing: 30m.
(6)Street layout: single-row layout.

Table 1 shows the design data, according to the data in Table 1 can be obtained from the illumination analysis and economic analysis respectively and get a reasonable conclusion.

Economic Analysis
According to Table 1 "LED light source, high pressure sodium light source design data comparison", Economic analysis can be obtained as shown in Table 2 results:

Illumination Analysis
Philips Philips Calculux Road software was used to make a street light design model, the report as following:

120W LED Street Light Illuminance Graphical Reports(Hill plane)


120W LED Street Light Illuminance Graphical Reports(Color Fill Figure)

250W HPS Street Light Illuminance Graphical Reports(Hill plane)


250W HPS Street Light Illuminance Graphical Reports(Color Fill Figure)


According to the results of software analysis reports can be obtained illuminance value: 120W LED street light, light height 8m, 30m spacing in the next, on the road 9m wide, ground maximum illumination 51.8lux, minimum illumination of 12.8lux, average illuminance 25lux ; 250W high pressure sodium street light, light height 8m, 30m spacing in the next, on the road 9m wide, ground maximum illumination 60.3lux, minimum illumination of 12.1lux, the average intensity of 29.7lux. According to the industry and the national standards, the plant trunk roads must not drop below ground level illumination 10lux, so whether it is 120W LED street light or 250W high pressure sodium street light on the illuminance values meet standards.





Circuit Design and Safety Standard

1 Opt coupler isolation circuit design.
2 Isolation coil transformers, non-inductive.
3 Effectively resist surrounding electromagnetic environment effect, and inhibit the proliferation of electromagnetic energy to the surrounding environment.

4 Accord with the latest standards in LED Lighting industry;

EMC EN55015, EN61547, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3

LVD: IEC/EN60598, IEC/EN61347-1,

IEC/EN62031, IEC/EN62471

EN62493 and RoHS,WEEE.


5 Passed the 4000V High Voltage Test. If the products are abnormal, it will not damage the human and property, protect user safety effectively.



Order Guidance



Dimmable (WIFI,   Track,  DALI,0~10V, PWMA, Remote Control) Available,If need,Pls contact C&G LED LIGHTING for Details.