LED High Bay,CG-HBL-150W-YZ

Products Name

150W LED High Bay Light



Basic Data

General Characteristics
  • Cap-Base:
Plug and Hook
  • Led Brand:
COB LED,Taiwan Chip.
  • LED Quantity:
  • Average Lifetime:
  • Certificate:
  • Warranty:
5 Years

Light Technical Characteristics

  • Colour Designation:
Warm White, Nature White, Cool White
  • Colour Temperature:

2000K~ 6500K Or Customer Designated.

  • Colour Rendering Index:
  • Luminous Flux:
  • Luminous Intensity:
  • Beam Angle:
45D,90D,120D Optional
Electrical Characteristics
  • Wattage:
  • Voltage:
  • Line Frequenc:
  • Power Factor:
  • Lamp Current:
  • Dimmable:
Product Dimensions
  • Dimensions:
Pls see the Order Guidance
  • Cut-out:
Package info
  • Qty/Carton:
1 Set
  • Gross Weight:
  • Size of Carton:

Heat Sink:

CTN Size(cm):30*25*60cm,1 Set/ Ctn,12Kg



1)45° (5PCS/CTN,49*49*36cm,20Kg)


Note: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.Any requirement,Pls contact us for latest Data.




● Aluminum housing —Unique design with anodized silver housing for cooler operation and extended lamp life.

● Reduced energy consumption, operating costs and cooling costs by up to 80%. Save money on utility bill.

● Long Life Span— compare to conventional lamp like halogen or HPS life

span of 8000 house, LED last more than 50,000 hours.

● Safety— Stable and safe, will not expose in long working hours or heat

working environment.

● Maintenance free operation - lasts up to 10 times longer than conventional lighting

● Cool beam - Does not produce Ultra Violet (UV) light or IR, reduces air conditioning loads.

● Environmentally friendly – fully recyclable, no mercury or other hazardous materials.

● Suspension,easy installation




Ideal Replacement for HPS and HID widely used at;

● Warehouses

● Factories

● Supermarkets

● Exhibitions Centers

● Garages

● Petrol Stations, Assembly Areas, Service Centers, Loading Bays, etc.





1.  Excellent Heat Dissipation Performance

1-1 LEDs are placed on the high thermal conductivity aluminum plate, the LED junction’s temperature will be lower, which is able to accelerate the heat dissipation.

1-2 Heat transfer medium use thermally conductive silicone with high thermal conductivity, stable performance and strong heat transfer.

1-3 The design of Semicircular aluminum plate is useful to the heat dissipation.

1-4 Frame material:

Using 6063 Aluminum Profile Die (Thermal Conductivity Coefficient is 200-300 W/M.K), comparing to general housing, Aluminum Alloy Casting Die (Thermal Conductivity Coefficient is 175 W/M.K)

Thermal Conductivity coefficient increases 40 to 50 percent, accelerate heat dissipation of LED, reduce optical Attenuator and enhance LED life.

Surface Treatment Technology, Anodic Oxidation treatment (Thermal Conductivity Coefficient is 100 W/M.K)

2. Driver efficiency up to 80%; IC imported from United States or Europe; constant current accuracy less than 2%; control components current precisely; over-current, overload, no-load protection.

3. Circuit Design and Safety Standard

3-1 Opt coupler isolation circuit design.
3-2 Isolation coil transformers, non-inductive.
3-3 Effectively resist surrounding electromagnetic environment effect, and inhibit the proliferation of electromagnetic energy to the surrounding environment.

3-4 .Accord with the latest standards in LED Lighting industry;

EMC EN55015, EN61547, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3

LVD:      IEC/EN60598, IEC/EN61347-1,

IEC/EN62031, IEC/EN62471

EN62493 and RoHS,WEEE.

3-5 Passed the 4000V High Voltage Test. If the products are abnormal, it will not damage the human and property, protect user safety effectively.



Order Guidance




Input Voltage:   AC 85~265V 50-60HZ


Output Power:  150W

System Consumption: 165W

Lamp's Consumption: 90%

Operating Temperature: -40-55

Luminous Flux: 10000-13000 lumens

Heat Sink Body: ¢160 * 273mm

CCT: 2000~2200K/2700~2800K/3200K/5500K/6500K

Cover / Reflector---

Lamp Beam Angle: 45°/ 90°/120°

45°: ¢415mm*255mm


90° ¢500mm*190mm


120°: ¢500mm*140mm

Product Name+ MA/MB/OA/OB  (For Optional)

M,O Means Power Supply Brand;

“M” Means MEAN WELL Power Supply

Have UL/CUL Certificate.For MWAN WELL Details, Pls see web: www.meanwell.com

“O” Means C&G or Other Brand Power Supply.

A,B Means LED Level used in the Lamp;

“A” Means 70~80LM/W; “B” Means 90~100LM/W.

What is High Bay Light?

High-Bay Light is used in high-ceiling areas to light surfaces more than 15 feet away. Common high-bay applications include industrial manufacturing, warehouses, supermarkets and so on.

LED High bay light and low bay light are very common and ideal for factories, warehouses, workshops, stadiums, shopping malls, supermarkets, gas stations and other indoor places lighting.

LED High Bay Lights are designed to replace HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lamps.  The LED High Bay lights are

70% lower power consumption than the light it is designed to replace. Use a 120W LED high bay light to replace

a 400W HID lamp, for example, In a factory with 50 High Bays with lights operating 12 hours a day, 5 Days a week,

Use LEDs would reduce their electricity consumption by 43 megawatt hours per year and reduce their emissions of Carbon Dioxide by more than 46 tones per year.

Custom Optics Available. Photometric analysis available that matches our LED Lights and optics with your place or requirement.